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Different Types of Cameras Lens Found On Mobile Phones

With the advancement in smartphone camera technology in recent years, you will find there is more than one camera at the back when you buy a decent phone. The camera performance is one of the essential factors when purchasing a new phone, and many buyers consider the number of lenses offered before making a final decision. However, few people know the different types of smartphone camera lenses and their functions. In this article, we will dive into the different types of camera lenses in detailed.

Different Types of Cameras Lens Found On Mobile Phones  

Phone Camera Lens Explained

One of the features you want to pay more attention to when going shopping for a smartphone today is the rear-facing camera, which might come with multiple lenses. To help you out, below is a detailed explanation of a list of lenses usually used in a smartphone.

Macro Lens

Macro lenses are gradually gaining popularity among smartphone users. This camera lens is helpful for creating very close-up photographs in which you want to capture small details of the subject. It can be seen as a magnifying glass since it allows you to concentrate on a subject that is as close as 2 cm. Although many mobile macro photography enthusiasts are out there, not all phones have macro cameras. You can find this lens on premium phones.

Wide-Angle Lens

Wide-angle lenses are the most common type of camera on the market. The focal length of the wide-angle camera on smartphones varies from 22mm to 30mm. It is used to click most of the images and capture landscapes, group shots or any other instance where you want to record as much of the scene as you can. This lens is suitable for daily photography and also can be used in the front camera on the phone. With wide-angle lenses, most things are in focus unless your subject is very close to the lens.

Different Types of Cameras Lens Found On Mobile Phones  

Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens

As the name suggests, the ultra-wide-angle camera has a wider angle of view than the wide-angle lens and can be found in most smartphones. The ultra-wide-angle lens captures a 117-123 degrees field of view, allowing you to fit more of your subject and their surroundings in the frame, which cannot be obtained through the wide-angle lens. The downside of this lens is that the wider the angle of view is, the more distorted the image will look around the edges. However, an excellent mobile camera, such as the huawei mate 50 pro camera, can fix the distortion and give perfect results.

Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lenses are a type of zoom lens with various focal points. These types of lenses allow you to capture images of subjects in the distance and have a much longer focal length than the wide-angle camera. Generally speaking, it is two or three times the focal length of the wide-angle camera. With the telephoto lens, users can capture images by zooming into the subject without worrying about losing details, such as lack of sharpness or pixelation when printed on paper.


The lenses help you improve your mobile photography experience as they provide the best way that your smartphone can capture a specific image in a particular environment. But the one thing we want to tell you is that: multiple lenses don’t mean better photos. With the right smartphone lens, you can get high-quality images. Though a smartphone camera is more convenient to carry around than a complete camera, it also needs protection. Be sure to clean the lens with a soft cloth and make sure they are crystal clear without any dust and lint before taking a shot.

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