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Eufy Camera Bug Let Customers View Your's Live Feeds

Customers with Eufy Home cameras report that they were briefly able to access other customers' camera feeds.

On Reddit today, product owners reported that their Eufy app was randomly accessing other people's camera feeds. I just launched my Eufy app and I can see someone else's cameras and see the live feed, they're not mine," wrote one User.

"I checked my app (from New Zealand) today and found that none of the videos are mine," wrote another user. "I've familiarized myself with the app. I also see their contact details (as additional accounts)."

One user also noted that they were able to retrieve and control another customer's smart lights. "I keep trying to log in but it stays the same," the user added turn off

Anchor, which owns Eufy, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But in a post on Twitter, Eufy said that a software error occurred during a new server upgrade at 4:50 am EST. Our engineering team identified this issue at around 5 :30AM EST and quickly managed to fix it by 6:30AM EST," it added.

Eufy also recommends that owners turn off and reconnect the camera devices, then log in and back into their Eufy accounts on the app. It's unclear how many customers were affected. But at least some of them plan to overhaul the Eufy products to drop the incident.I will request a refund as this is simply not acceptable," wrote one user.

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