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Reasons Why Tablets are Better than Smartphones

In the last few years, Tablets have emerged as devices that offer the perfect combination of laptops and smartphones. Tablets are defined as notebook-style portable device that runs using a mobile operating platform. In terms of design, feeling, and features they play the function of mini-laptops, and the latest version of smartphones which can be carried with you wherever and at any time. In the next few years, if technology advances at the same rate, tablets will sideline laptops to a large extent. So, do we need a tablet? Below, we will give you the top 6 reasons why tablets are better than smartphones.

Top 6 Reasons Why Tablets are Better

· Tablets have better battery life than smartphones

Tablets outperform smartphones in most cases when it comes to battery life. The battery life of tablets is superior to laptops! While smartphones face the stress of providing battery life, tablets, however, appear to last forever even when you push them to their capabilities. For instance, if you run a handful of apps that consume a lot of battery and it is a bit slow, the battery will disappear in a matter of hours.

· Get High Productivity

Reasons Why Tablets are Better than Smartphones  

Although Smartphone offers the possibility of having a split screen while using multiple apps, however, there's not much you can do with a screen that is 5 inches. When you open the keyboard, your single application disappears. It's not even possible to launch multiple apps on a display that is so small. Tablets are more suitable because of their larger display. Like computers, you can use multiple apps on tablets, and drag and drop windows as needed. In terms of productivity, tablets can give you an advantage over smartphones. In the long run, it is possible to accomplish many things on tablets that you would never think of doing with smartphones.

· Tablets are less expensive than smartphones

Besides being thin and lightweight, tablets have the significant advantage of being less expensive than smartphones which are packed with the same features. Tablets are known to be considerably less expensive than flagship smartphones of most brands. Moreover, tablets are a smart way to cut smartphone costs. Most of the time, expensive smartphones cost perhaps twice as much as a typical budget tablet.

· More effective in reading news and books

The most appealing feature of tablets is their capacity to lure people to read complete books, articles, and novels in a comfortable and relaxing way. Though you can still have news apps for smartphones, but they're not as immersive due to the size of their screens and other limitations, such as battery problems.

· Better display

To play games and have fun, bigger screens are always a positive thing and tablets are famous precisely for this. The larger screens offer more space and the ability to get tasks done. A lot of large tablets have an LCD that is comparable to smaller notebooks. They are superior to smartphones in being productive, and more than just a gaming device.

· Controlling things while traveling

Reasons Why Tablets are Better than Smartphones  

Tablets can be a huge aid to those who travel frequently and are unable to connect laptops when traveling on trains, flights, or even buses. YouTubers who create travel-related videos must post their content regularly when they travel. They have to upload their files from a restaurant, cafe or hotel, platform, or any other remote location from which they have access to the internet. This is precisely where tablets do a fantastic job. They can edit videos and upload them regularly. They can also hold live video sessions using tablets and remain in contact with their fans via tablets from any part of the globe. A great tablet that you can bring anywhere is the MatePad of планшет хуавей.


Tablets have always had their unique appeal that is impossible to resist. Although, some of their features may be available (sometimes) on smartphones. However, it's absurd to think of tablets as smartphones.

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